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The Cal Massey Legacy Lecture

The legacy of composer Cal Massey contains recordings by great artists such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and Archie Shepp. This Lecture will take you to Brooklyn in the 1960's. Unreleased home recordings, photographs and live music with singer Saskia Jonker and Maxim Baghuis on keys. Master of the saxophone Zane Wayne Massey will deliver you the story of his father's life in words and music.

The Cal Massey Legacy (music only)

When Cal Massey left for Philadelphia to look for his father he heard the sound of an alto saxophone coming from a basement. Drawn to the sound Cal went in and met what would become his lifetime compagnion in music; John Coltrane. Now, all they did was talk about music, music progressions, how we can make things better, you know. At that time it was bebop so everybody was searching.
Quiet Dawn is a Cal Massey composition that was originally written for the Duke Ellington Orchestra. In 1972 the song was recorded by Archie Shepp on his album Attica Blues sang by Waheeda Massey, Cal Massey's daughter. Now Club des Belugas made a remix of this song.